Welcome To Check-It-Out Balloons & Flowers

Welcome to our website! I'm always thinking of better and more secure ways to order our balloons, flowers, gift baskets and merchandise online. Our website is and like retail is a work in process!. We are always delivering great balloon bouquets, flowers and gift baskets daily.
Our store hours are Monday - Friday 9-5 and Saturdays 9-2. Occasionally if you come by on Saturdays and we're not here it's because we maybe out setting up an event. If you need something just give us a call at the shop number and we can let you know the hours for the day you are wanting to stop by. Shop number is 334-826-0308
We haven't added any of the costumes or accessories to the website. So just give us a call and see if we have it.
Click on the tabs above the slide show. If you're on a tablet turn to a horizontal view.
Call 334-826-0308 or order online. Click on any picture to order. Check out other great designs in the tabs above the slideshow.

Pink Lady Bouquet
Our Price: $51.97
Monogrammed Flip Flops
Our Price: $8.00
Fruit and Snack Basket
Our Price: $40.97
Puppy Love Flowers
Our Price: $51.97
Beach Spiker Mongrammed
Our Price: $10.00
AU tiger hug bouquet
Our Price: $43.97
Beach Bash Basket
Our Price: $58.97