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Call 334-826-0308 or order online by clicking on any item for more information. Check out other great designs in the tabs above. We deliver in the Auburn-Opelika Area, AU main campus & dorms, and EAMC.

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1Contact Info Chewy Gooey Gift Basket Rockstar basket
Chewy Gooey Gift Basket
Our Price: $28.97
Rockstar basket
Our Price: $31.97
Questions? Call our shop 334-826-0308. If you're viewing our site on a mobile device to view more information you'll need to click on the actual website. Same Day Delivery may not be available on all items or on holidays i.e. Valentines.

This is a study basket that has skittles, starbursts, fruit chews of assorted styles, fruit roll ups,blue book, scant tron, index cards, post it notes. IF you wish to NOT have the study items added we can substitute the items for more chewy goey items.When ordered when it's not finals time we use more chewy candies since they won't need the scatrons and note pads. Please let us know at time of ordering in the message box or over the phone. Hey now you're a rockstar with this great Rockstar basket! It has two assorted flavors of Rockstar energy drinks, crunch and munch, and 6 assorted snacks.
Smarty Basket Lemonade Basket Tailgater Basket
Smarty Basket
Our Price: $32.97
Lemonade Basket
Our Price: $32.97
Tailgater Basket
Our Price: $33.97
smarty basket is filled with two smart waters, 10 assorted snacks, 1 blue book and scantron When life hands you lemons you make lemonade! Here in Auburn we love our lemons and lemonade. This basket is filled with two bottles of lemonade, lemon cookies, lemon drops and 8 other assorted snacks. This basket is perfect for group snacking! It has a big bag of tostito's, caramel popcorn, trail mix, 2 assorted snacks, salsa.
The Snack Basket Chocolate Chip Cookie & Balloon apple delight basket
The Snack Basket
Our Price: $34.97
apple delight basket
Our Price: $36.97
The snack basket has one dozen assorted snacks. You can choose under options for healthy, junk or best of both worlds (1/2 junk and 1/2 healthy) Please note Jelly Beans have been discontinued from the baskets. Not Available For Same Day Delivery One large chocolate chip cookie with either a traditional message or the super cute Aubie cookie. We love a 2 day notice on these items however we can sometimes work with shorter lead times-if in doubt please call your order in.These are great for the dorm buddies, sorority sisters and of course our guys! This basket has red and green apples, caramel dipping sauce, apple crisp chips.Not Available For Same Day Delivery
Vita Basket Fruit and Snack Basket Fruit  Basket
Vita Basket
Our Price: $39.97
Fruit and Snack Basket
Our Price: $40.97
Fruit Basket
Our Price: $40.97
This basket has 5 vita waters and 9 assorted snacks. Not Available For Same Day Delivery The fruit and snack basket has grapes, bananas, oranges, clementines, apples and a half dozen assorted snacks.Not Available For Same Day Delivery The fruit  basket has grapes, bananas, oranges, clementines, apples.and some select season fruits. Basket colors vary. Not Available For Same Day Delivery
cram exam gift basket Wigging Out Basket Snacker Gift Box
cram exam gift basket
Our Price: $41.97
Wigging Out Basket
Our Price: $42.97
Snacker Gift Box
Our Price: $43.97
Cram exam box has all the essentials that are needed to pass that big exam and a few things to break the tension! It has botted water, minute maid drinks, fruit snacks, trail mix, 9 assorted snacks such as chex mix, oreos etc. It also has silly string, index cards, blue book and scan tron, and post it notes It has an orange and blue spiky wig, shaker, toilet paper for rolling the corner and 9 assorted snacks Snacker gift box is filled with 3 microwaveable popcorn, 1/2lbs of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, fruit snacks, 4 energy to go dink packs, 4 waters, 3 granolas, 2 packs of trail mix, 3 emergen C packs, index cards, post it note pads, blue book, and scan tron.
The All Nighter Gift Basket Munchie Madness Basket The Examinator Gift Basket
Munchie Madness Basket
Our Price: $43.97
It has 12 assorted snacks, 2 powerade drinks, 2 vita waters, 1 red bull and a smart water with a blue book and scantron for that big test. Munchie madness is filled with fruit snacks, sun chips, crunch-n-munch, cheese straws, microwaveable popcorn, a squeeze toy, slinky, and whoopee cushion. The toys are perfect for the moment that one needs to take a break from the studies great basket has 12 assorted snacks, a blue book with scantron, whoopee cushion, silly string, post it notes, index cards

Energy Basket Super Snacker Basket Survivor Basket
Energy Basket
Our Price: $44.97
Super Snacker Basket
Our Price: $45.97
Survivor Basket
Our Price: $45.97
The energy box has 4 red bull, 12 assorted snacks.Not Available For Same Day Delivery The super snacker basket has 20 snacks and 4 bottles of water to wash it all down. Choose from healthy, junk, and best of both worlds in the options box. Please note Jelly Beans have been discontinued from this basket.Not Available For Same Day Delivery survivors gift box is perfect for the boys that love to study the outdoors. It has 2 packs of beef jerky, sunflower seeds, trial mix, pretzels, chex mix, popcorn, slim jims, and 4 gatorades.Not Available For Same Day Delivery
dipping basket Cake and Balloon Tiger Sports Basket
Dipping Basket
Our Price: $45.97
Cake and Balloon
Our Price: $48.25
Tiger Sports Basket
Our Price: $49.97
This is great snacking basket. We've filled it up with Tostitos assorted dips,salsa, Tostitos chips, pretzels, popcorn, trail mix, and waters. This basket is perfect for all night group studies.Not Available For Same Day Delivery Birthday cakes can be either chocolate or yellow cake. We have the bakery decorate these in accordance to guys (balloons) and girls (flowers) in the icing. Please note we do LOVE a 2 day notice on this item. This super sporty basket has an orange and blue spike wig, TP for a victory roll, a dozen assorted snacks, in an orange basket.