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DDD-checkbook-plastic   Delta Delta Delta Checkbook Cover Plastic
DDD-coasters   Delta Delta Delta Coasters
DDD-Decal-Set   Delta Delta Delta Decal Set
DDD-fridge-frame   Delta Delta Delta Fridge Frame
DDD-clock-   Delta Delta Delta Glass Clock
ddd-glass-ornament-   Delta Delta Delta glittered glass ornament
DDD-luggage-tage   Delta Delta Delta Luggage Tag
DDD-mag-mark-board   Delta Delta Delta Magnetic Marker Board
DDD-nail-files   Delta Delta Delta Manicure Mini Nail Files
DDD-mug   Delta Delta Delta Mug
DDD-pin-box-   Delta Delta Delta Pin Box
ddd-pocket-t   Delta Delta Delta Pocket T-Shirt
DDD-round-magnets   Delta Delta Delta Round Magnets
DDD-skinny-tumbler-   Delta Delta Delta skinny tumbler
DDD-ST-Script   Delta Delta Delta Skinny Tumbler (script)
DDD-ss-tumbler   Delta Delta Delta stainless steel tumbler
DDD-water-bottle-   Delta Delta Delta Stainless Steel Water Bottle
DDD-sticky-notes   Delta Delta Delta Sticky Notes
DDD-sticky-tabs   Delta Delta Delta Sticky Tabs
DDD-sweatshirt-blanket   Delta Delta Delta sweatshirt blanket
DDD-travel-mug   Delta Delta Delta Travel Mug
DDD-wire-photo-holder   Delta Delta Delta Wire Photo Holder
DG-block-frame   Delta Gamma Block Frame
DG-car-decal-   Delta Gamma Car Decal
DG-Decal-Set   Delta Gamma Decal Set
DG-fridge-frame   Delta Gamma Fridge Frame
DG-glass-ornament   Delta Gamma Glittered Glass Ornament
DG-ID-holder-vinyl   Delta Gamma ID Holder Vinyl
DG-mg-mark-board   Delta Gamma Magnetic Marker Board
DG-nail-files   Delta Gamma Manicure Nail Files
DG-pillowcase-bnb   Delta Gamma Pillowcase bnb
dg-pocket-t   Delta Gamma Pocket T-Shirt
DG-round-magnets   Delta Gamma Round Magnets
DG-sisters-frame   Delta Gamma Sisters Frame
DG-skinny-tumbler-   Delta Gamma skinny tumbler
DG-ST-Script   Delta Gamma Skinny Tumbler (script)
DG-ss-tumbler-   Delta Gamma stainless steel tumbler
DG-water-bottle-   Delta Gamma Stainless Steel Water Bottle
DG-sticky-tabs   Delta Gamma Sticky Tabs
DG-blanket   Delta Gamma Sweatshirt Blanket
DG-travel-mug   Delta Gamma Travel Mug
DG-tumbler-   Delta Gamma Tumbler
DZ-Decal-Set   Delta Zeta
DZ-car-decal-   Delta Zeta Car Decal
DZ-clock-   Delta Zeta Glass Clock
DZ-glass-ornament   Delta Zeta Glittered Glass Ornament
DZ-mag-marker-board   Delta Zeta Magnetic Marker Board
dz-pocket-t-   Delta Zeta Pocket T-Shirt
DZ-round-magnets   Delta Zeta Round Magnets
DZ-skinny-tumbler-   Delta Zeta skinny tumbler
DZ-ST-Script   Delta Zeta Skinny Tumbler (script)
DZ-ss-tumbler-   Delta Zeta stainless steel tumbler
DZ-water-bottle   Delta Zeta Stainless Steel Water Bottle
DZ-sticky-notes   Delta Zeta Sticky Notes
DZ-sticky-tabs   Delta Zeta Sticky Tabs
DZ-stripe-pail-   Delta Zeta Stripe Metal Pail
DZ-sweatshirt-blanket-   Delta Zeta sweatshirt blanket
DZ-towel-wrap   Delta Zeta Towel Wrap
Deluxe-sorority-bqt   Deluxe sorority balloon bouquet
Dino-Bqt   Dinosaur Balloon Bouquet
dipping-basket   Dipping Basket
hero-door-hanger   DIY Hero Wood Door Hanger
door-hanger-awareness-ribbon   DIY door hanger wood Awareness Ribbon
nurse-awareness-door-hanger   DIY Nurse Awareness Appreciation door hanger
Doc-McStuffins-bqt   Doc McStuffins Bouquet
dollar-shape-bqt   Dollar Shape Bouquet
heart-wreath   Door Heart Wreath or Wreath on Metal Easel Stand
Dory-bubble-bqt   Dory Bubble Balloon Bouquet
two-dozen-roses   Double Dozen Arrangement
roses-dozen   Dozen Done Different
dozen-gerbers   Dozen Gerbers Arrangement
dozen-rose-bqt   Dozen Rose click for color selections
dream-big-pillowcase   Dream Big Sweet Little Sisters Pillowcase
drink-up-bottle-opener   Drink Up Bottle Opener Wooden Sign
eagle-shape-bqt   Eagle Shape Bouquet
energy-basket   Energy Basket
family-garden-flag   Family Name Garden Flag
fiesta-shape-bqt   Fiesta Hat Shape Bouquet
finally-21-beer-mug   Finally 21 beer mug (your name)
finally-21-wine-glass   Finally 21 wine glass & name
Fleur-de-lis-bqt   Fleur de Lis bouquet
Flower-Option-1-bid-day   Flower Option 1
flower-option-2-bid-day   Flower Option 2
Kitty-flowers   Flower Power Kitty flower creation
Flower-unicorn-bqt   Flower Unicorn Balloon Bouquet
dad-fix-anything-wooden-sign-   For the dad who can fix anything hammer wooden sign
fruit-basket   Fruit Basket
fruit-and-snack   Fruit and Snack Basket
funeral-sprays   Funeral Spray roses lilies
GPB-blanket   Gamma Phi Beta Blanket
GPB-car-decal-   Gamma Phi Beta Car Decal
GPB-cosmetic-bag   Gamma Phi Beta Cosmetic Bag
GPB-Decal-Set   Gamma Phi Beta Decal Set
GPB-clock   Gamma Phi Beta Glass Clock
gpb-glass-ornament   Gamma Phi Beta glittered glass ornament
GPB-id-holder-vinyl   Gamma Phi Beta ID Holder vinyl
GPB-letters-frame   Gamma Phi Beta Letters Frame
GPB-luggage-tag   Gamma Phi Beta Luggage Tag
GPB-mag-marker-board   Gamma Phi Beta Magnetic Marker Board
GPB-nail-files   Gamma Phi Beta Manicure mini nail files
GPB-pillowcase-bnb   Gamma Phi Beta Pillowcase bnb
gbp-pocket-t   Gamma Phi Beta Pocket T-Shirt
GPB-round-sticker   Gamma Phi Beta Round Sticker
GPB-sisters-bracelet   Gamma Phi Beta Sisters Bracelet
GPB-skinny-tumbler-   Gamma Phi Beta skinny tumbler
GPB-ST-Script   Gamma Phi Beta Skinny Tumbler (script)
GPB-ss-tumbler-   Gamma Phi Beta stainless steel tumbler
gpb-water-bottle-   Gamma Phi Beta Stainless Steel Water Bottle
GPB-sticky-notes   Gamma Phi Beta Sticky Notes
GPB-sticky-tab   Gamma Phi Beta Sticky Tabs
GPB-sweatshirt-blanket-   Gamma Phi Beta sweatshirt blanket
gws-nurse-bqt   Get Well Nurse Bouquet
Bid-day-GP1   Gift Option 1
gift-option-bid-day-2   Gift Option 2
gift-option-3-bid-day   Gift Option 3
Pineapple-Bqt   Gold Pineapple Balloon Bouquet
golden-pineapple-shape-bqt   Golden Pineapple Shape Bouquet
DIY-graduation-door-hanger-   Graduation door hanger
graduation-garden-sign-stake   Graduation Garden Sign & Stake
greenflowers   Great Green Flower Power
gerber-half   Half Dozen Gerbers
half-rose   Half Dozen Rose
hamburger-shape-bqt   Hamburger Shape Bouquet
Hawaiian-Girl-Shape-bqt   Hawaiian Girl Shape Bouquet
head-of-class-grad   Head of Class Graduate
goody-bouncer-21-shirt   Hello Bartender Goodbye Bouncer I'm 21 t shirt
hero-wooden-sign-   Hero the definition of my dad wooden sign
Cow-creation   Holy cow balloon character
2017   Home is Where My Mom is flower arrangement
frog-bqt   Hoppy Birthday Bouquet
hoppy-frog-character   hoppy frog balloon character bouquet
horse-shape-bqt   Horse Shape Bouquet
hot-dog-shape-bqt   Hot Dog Shape Bouquet
HandK-bqt   Hugs & Kisses Bouquet
I-am-loved-onesie   I am loved Onesie
I-believe-flowers   I believe Bouquet
mustache-bodysuit   I mustache you to be my valentine baby bodysuit
ready-to-rock-t-shirt   I'm ready to rock Kindergarten t-shirt
moustache-ask-onesie   If you moustache ask I'm (baby's name) onesie
imagine-wooden-sign   Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart, Achieve with all your might wooden sign
good-day-sign   It's a good day to have a good day wooden sign
21stlegal   It's official I'm a Legal Eagle t shirt
its-a-boy-bouquet   its a boy bouquet
its-a-girl-bouquet   its a girl bouquet
Giraffe-creation   Jolly giraffe balloon character creation
Jurassic-world-airwalker   Jurassic World Airwalker Dinosaur
just-be-yourself   Just be yourself stained wooden sign
KAT-decal-set   Kappa Alpha Theta
KAT-sticky-tabs   Kappa Alpha Theta Sticky Tabs
KAT-cosmetic-bag   Kappa Alpha Theta Cosmetic Bag
KAT-clock-   Kappa Alpha Theta Glass Clock
KAT-glass-ornament   Kappa Alpha Theta glittered glass ornament
KAT-luggage-tag   Kappa Alpha Theta Luggage Tag
KAT-mag-mark-board   Kappa Alpha Theta Magnetic Marker Board
KAT-nail-files   Kappa Alpha Theta Manicure Mini Nail Files
KAT-pillowcase   Kappa Alpha Theta Pillowcase
kat-pocket--t   Kappa Alpha Theta Pocket T Shirt
KAT-sisters-frame-   Kappa Alpha Theta Sisters Frame
KAT-skinny-tumbler-   Kappa Alpha Theta skinny tumbler
KAT-ST-Script   Kappa Alpha Theta Skinny Tumbler (script)
KAT-ss-tumbler-   Kappa Alpha Theta stainless steel tumbler
KAT-sticky-notes   Kappa Alpha Theta Sticky Notes
KAT-sweatshirt-blanket-   Kappa Alpha Theta sweatshirt blanket
KAT-towel-wrap   Kappa Alpha Theta Towel Wrap
KAT-travel-mug   Kappa Alpha Theta Travel Mug
KAT-wire-photo-holder   Kappa Alpha Theta Wire Photo Holder
KD-acrylic-frame   Kappa Delta Acrylic Frame
KD-car-decal-   Kappa Delta Car Decal
KD-checkbook-cover-plastic   Kappa Delta Checkbook Cover Plastic
KD-cosmetic-bag   Kappa Delta Cosmetic Bag
KD-Decal-set   Kappa Delta Decal Set
KD-clock-   Kappa Delta Glass Clock
KD-glass-ornament   Kappa Delta glittered glass ornament
KD-keychain-charms   Kappa Delta Key Chain & Charms
KD-letters-frame   Kappa Delta Letters Frame
KD-luggage-tag   Kappa Delta Luggage Tag
KD-mag-mark-board   Kappa Delta Magnetic Marker Board
KD-photo-blocks   Kappa Delta Photo Blocks
KD-pillowcase   Kappa Delta Pillowcase
KD-pin-box   Kappa Delta Pin Box
kd-pocket-t   Kappa Delta Pocket T-Shirt
KD-round-magnets   Kappa Delta Round Magnets
KD-round-sticker-   Kappa Delta Round Sticker
KD-sisters-bracelet   Kappa Delta Sisters Bracelet
KD-sisters-frame-   Kappa Delta Sisters Frame
KD-skinny-tumbler-   Kappa Delta skinny tumbler
KD-ST-Script   Kappa Delta Skinny Tumbler (script)
KD-ss-tumbler   Kappa Delta stainless steel tumbler
KD-sticky-tabs   Kappa Delta Sticky Tabs
KD-sblanket   Kappa Delta Sweatshirt Blanket
KD-travel-mug   Kappa Delta Travel Mug
KD-tumbler   Kappa Delta Tumbler
KD-wire-photo-holder-   Kappa Delta Wire Photo Holder
KKG-decal-set   Kappa Kappa Gamma
kkg-pocket-t-   Kappa Kappa Gamma
kkg-acrylic-frame-   Kappa Kappa Gamma Acrylic Frame
KKG-block-frame-   Kappa Kappa Gamma Block Frame
KKG-car-decal-   Kappa Kappa Gamma Car Decal
KKG-coasters   Kappa Kappa Gamma Coasters
KKG-cosmetic-bag   Kappa Kappa Gamma Cosmetic Bag

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