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These are great tailgate options for any given Saturday!
Please note: We deliver these on FRIDAY before the game as it's very hard to find the person to actually deliver to on Saturday unless they live on campus. ALL deliveries will revolve around game time. We work extremely hard to get these out but we do not make deliveries during game time or 3 hours prior to game time. Traffic is a beast to get around so we do limit game day delivery times. These can be ordered for any other day however we do not offer game day deliveries due to games times and tailgate traffic.
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Tiger Tailgater Tailgater Basket Wigging Out Basket
Tiger Tailgater
Our Price: $31.00
Tailgater Basket
Our Price: $33.97
Wigging Out Basket
Our Price: $42.97
This super cute tiger is a perfect delivery for a centerpiece for a tailgate or to a student to cheer them on for a special event!  You can choose to add an 18" foil balloon of your choice.  This tiger stands approx. 20" tall. This basket is perfect for group snacking! It has a big bag of tostito's, caramel popcorn, trail mix, 2 assorted snacks, salsa. It has an orange and blue spiky wig, shaker, toilet paper for rolling the corner and 9 assorted snacks
AU tiger hug bouquet Tiger Sports Basket
AU tiger hug bouquet
Our Price: $45.50
Tiger Sports Basket
Our Price: $49.97
This free standing huge tiger is almost 6 ft. Tall and created out of balloons! It also has a message foil  balloon. Perfect for any auburn occasion. This super sporty basket has an orange and blue spike wig, TP for a victory roll, a dozen assorted snacks, in an orange basket.